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Book I:  Adventures in the Boring Realms 2019 Octavio Rhodes  

What do you do when it feels like every time you try to think positive...two negative thoughts get in the way?  When society doesn’t reward you economically with gifts you think the universe gave you…and the world’s about to end at the same time? 

  These are the questions that keep Dixie Dogg and Chilley-Sue Abnignale  -- two ‘slackers’ cursed with dork names and dork prospects --  up at night in their homesteads in the Boring Realms.  Life is uneventful and confusing.  But when the Mayan Cycles of Time seem to become a threat after all, Dixie Dogg and Chilley-Sue Agnignale are thrown into a life of purpose that finally challenges them. But are they too in over their heads?


  As a bonus, book I offers a series of short stories that pile-drives the reader into discovering hints of the truth as to what’s going on in reality in this world:  offering multiple cryptic short stories that compliment in the spirit of Black Mirror or Twilight Zone take the world Dixie and Chilley-Sue live in and expose the dark forces creating the existential mess it suffers in – hidden in plain sight.

Book II: Adventures in Anakaland  2019 Octavio Rhodes

The world is crumbling; not just socially but now literally!  Something has awoken the planet to prove it’s much more formidable in its defense mechanisms against chaos than humanity could have dreamed.  As the ‘Mayan’ Cycles of Time become more cataclysmic on Earth, Dixie Dogg and Chilley-Sue Abnignale are the two most unlikely of avatars who may have a chance of doing something about this! 


   In the surreal countryside of Anakaland, Chilley-Sue stumbles around in the south before running into a crew of carefree bohemians with supernatural powers --  while Dixie continues to wander towards the north. 


Befriending a mysterious warrior named Ireu and a unfortunate colony of castaways stranded in the forests, Dixie realizes that if he is going to try to ‘save’ the world he is going to need all the firepower he can get.  Luckily Ireu is the perfect ally, and there is more to these lost ‘LARPers’ than meets the eye.  As strife and uncertainty starts to take its toll on the world, he tries to get his new hosts to join his cause.   Too bad the stranded colonists think Dixie is a dimwit...

 This second volume continues the odyssey of Dixie and Chilley-Sue in the smashing anthology of saga known as Agenda 22.

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Book III: The Towering Road  2019 Octavio Rhodes

While looking for her friend Dixie somewhere in the surreal realms of Anakaland, Chilley-Sue Abnignale continues her struggle with the nearly impossible and cliché idea of saving the world – the same one where no one cares about her at the same time.  Is there any point the inevitable will of nature?  Is it really even will? Or is something else missing from the equation?


  Aided by her companions Ivonne and Thope, Chilley-Sue braves multitudes of feral creatures and other paranormal hordes lurking in Anakaland while trying to reach Cercor Town -- the one place that has long been considered the greatest bastion of chaos existing in human history.


 And so being the third volume of this series, this story alternately focuses on Chilley-Sue's saga as she's guided by her two companions, who help her at least find some answers as to what's going on with the weather -- in this realm --  and where she came from. 

Book IV: The Doors of Pordula  2019 Octavio Rhodes  

Follow the odyssey of Dixie Dogg as he gets deeper involved with a group of unlucky colonists stranded in Anakaland. While trying to convince these goobers that the world they know is about to end due to a cataclysmic catastrophe, Dixie continues to learn more about this mysterious ‘land’ he’s in like no other he’s ever seen on Earth.

Everywhere he goes he keeps running into individuals more wondrous, talented, and fascinating than himself  -- anyone more qualified to get to the fabled Palace of Quetzalpalatus and stop the Mayan Cycles of Time.  Soon a band of unlikely allies come to believe him enough to join his quest.  Together, their journey leads them east through the Statue Realms where a way into the hollow Earth lurks. Unfortunately, the trip proves to be deadlier than anyone could have guessed.

Book V:  Concrete Forest of the Ancient World

2019 Octavio Rhodes  

Chilley-Sue and her companions have now entered the great lost city of Cercor-Town; truly the strangest sight that could exist in human history.   Being the birthplace of more than several major civilizations going on to influence so-called real world, it operates like a metropolitan black hole that none but the most powerful can do anything to escape its event horizon. 


   Searching for the secret way to reach the hollow Earths where she stop the Cycles of Time from eating up the world at large, Chilley continues the burdening hope to find someone more qualified than her that can aid her and her friends – but the only secrets she learns about are the darker ones behind the true history of human civilization!

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Available Soon
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Book VI:  The Demodads  2019 Octavio Rhodes 

The hardship continues for Chilley-Sue Abnignale and her loyal friends and allies in the city of Cercor Town.  But under the wise tutelage of Balhrrama masters she meets in the city, Chilley starts to discover her inner strength.  With a growing entourage of supporters now beside her, she gets closer to finding the fabled hollow Earths and reaching the mythical Palace of Quetzalpalatus where ancient machinery lurks that can stop the Mayan Cycles of Time. 

 As Chilley-Sue prepares her journey to find the northern gates into the hollow Earths, some of her allies incite a revolution against the esoteric Demodads -- nefarious industrialists with ties to her home world control everything more than anyone could have imagined. 

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Book VII:  Great South Beyond Time  2019 Octavio Rhodes 

 Dixie's company realizes that time is running short and yet they still haven't  even reached the hollow Earths yet to stop the menacing portals and time cycles from consuming the Earths.   Getting desperate they decide to try their luck in the south.    


 The journey is long and perilous, but  it is the only place that will buy them time to prepare for this hopeless  journey to the hollow Earths. 


 -- All they need to do is find the keys to a new Pordula Door and the legendary Thermal Pools of Pordula: the gateway to a white hole where Dixie may finally have a fighting chance to build his Balhrrama abilities before he is in over even more over his head...

Book VIII:  The Books of Life  2019 Octavio Rhodes 

Free will vs determinism.  What's the meaning of life anyway?  Are Dixie's efforts to save the world from the Cycles of Time a noble cause?  Or are people pretty much a lost cause?  These are the issues Dixie is forced to fight in his mind as he soon learns that he and his company are not the only inhabitants that are roaming around in the hollow Earths -- and not all inhabitants need bodies to cause trouble.  

  As they head their way towards the island of Quetzalpalatus to stop the time cycles from destroying their home, soon Dixie's company start to falter in their convictions that humanity is worth saving after all – an easy temptation to  succumb to when the greatest enemies they encounter are hiding in their own minds.

Do you as the reader have what it takes to make the best choices through this debacle?  Find out in this 'choose your own fate' adventure and see if you could do any better.

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Coming Soon 
Coming Soon 
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The Master Keys   2019 Octavio Rhodes


Chilley-Sue's adventures continue as she starts to master the mysteries of Balhrrama under a mysterious female warrior named Sepianta.  Together they discover they have more in common than they would have ever thought: despite being in a foreign world full of wonders and anomalies they face together, the two start to see how the same existential problems they suffered from back home will never leave a human being -- no matter where in hyperspace they end up.

 Backed by a band of loyal friends, Chilley-Sue finally sets out on a mission to pass into the hollow Earths -- but can she survive the toxic environment there that is fueled by human fear?

Meeheetehmu: "Hope, Hope, Hope"  2019 Octavio Rhodes


Stoic and as long-suffering as ever, Dixie has been able to survive this long; mixing a blend of faith and determination brought by a steel will to do whatever it takes to stop the portals from further destroying what's left of the world -- but something is not sitting right.   Now having arrived at his final destination, Dixie must survive the trek up the mountain of Quetzalpalatus and find a way to engage the ancient Kayo machinery to stop the Cycles of Time from continuing.   On the way to his end he reunites with an unlikely ally -- the only person that can give Dixie the drive to keep a level head in this hell all around him.  Can you as the reader continue surfing through the existential problems and maladies that it takes to save multiple worlds from getting eaten alive from Time Cycles?  Find out how you end this story in this 'choose your own fate' adventure and see if you could decide any better whether humanity was really worth fighting for.

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Last Two Books Coming Soon...

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