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"It's an interesting working -- drawing from sci-fi and fantasy element with a socio-political cultural thrust.  Definitely entertaining but commenting on issues of day."  -- John Weeks, Worcester Ma

"A story that goes down easy like a good supplement – with themes that make sense of things affecting the meaning of life.   A great read!" --- GnlSilva2901@****.com

"Skydiving spiders?   Great gravity doors?  The French and Indian War?  Where is this all going?  I’m loving the ride!"  --CWatsonMendez@*******.edu

"Just when you think you fully see where the story is going, you end up discovering something about the world Dixie and Chilley are in that starts to freak you out because it almost feels so convincingly plausible to our own that it would answer a whole lot of nagging questions.   But the continuity in the narrative – the easter eggs everywhere are mind-bogglingly entertaining!" --Cassiel81gamepro@*********.com

"This is a series I want to see this on the big screen.  Streaming or theaters -- hopefully soon!"

"No spoilers; but I love how Dixie and Chilley-Sue start to discover right when things are looking the most bleak there’s more to life, the universe – everything  -- than what it seemed to be cracked up to be!   Good read." --Holmes1979@******.edu

Shout-outs and Feedback

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"This thing needs its own Wiki page!   So many landscapes, places, peoples, monsters?!!  And it all fits in neatly in one nice package of a story."  --- Chris, Nashua Nh

"I’m picturing the places in my head over and over.  The beautiful rolling hills in Anakaland.  The weird eastern lands by that Door --- the frictionless realms.   Everything is detailed!  I want a graphic novel!" --- KDesoiters1141@*******.com

"Don’t let the title of the first book deceive you: Nothing in this story is boring at all.   Even the ‘Boring realms’ are more exciting than everyday life that I know – but wow does this story get in your head and reveal a lot of existential ideas you always wanted to phrase in words but didn’t know how to do it.  Definitely a unique read!" --Icopropeddler342@******.com

"When are the other books coming out??"       ---Benjaminage242@*****.com


"The content is deep.  It goes into the marrow of those thoughts that nag (most?) of us on a daily basis on what’s it almost feels like is going on behind the scenes despite all the pretty people and pretty places everywhere.   It’s nearly convincing concepts it postulates are so refreshing an original from a sci-fi narrative that my mind likes wonder how much of everything Agenda 22 describes could be real.   A book that can do that should be supplementary reading in philosophy circles."   -- 'Cousin' Patty 

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"Alot of this story feels like it could be an analysis of the post-pandemic world we currently live in.   The struggles the characters face involve alot of emotions people I think can relate to -- like how no matter how hard you tried to make things work the world is crumbling and you ask yourself how did I get here?   

But the victories and mental hoops the characters sound like they're overcoming -- these are themes that I haven't seen digestible in entertainment much in a form people can dig in to understand.  As a piece of unique entertainment, this work can do that."   -- Amy M.  Clinton, Ma



"Leave a shout-out in the comments section!  Even just words if not full name, no vapor trail, no worries..."

"This is just one of those books you want to read while you’re waiting everything out.  It allows you to muse on what’s really going on behind the scenes in just being a human with all its triumphs and misadventure – and it lets you stay engaged." ---AndyTwo@*****.edu

"Love the characters!  Love the landscapes!  I’m loving almost everything about this story.   Can’t wait for the next books to come out."   ---EMbrooks@*******.edu

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