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Benefits from Reading Agenda 22

While reading an incredible tale of high adventure learn about the game theory of the world and the secrets to existence without taking a civics or theology class!   Also, readers can be introduced to the benefits of learning physics while enjoying good escapist fantasy at the same time.  The stories tie to the discovery of recent new particles effecting the very laws of physics as we know it.  There is a lot of educational material in classical physics included in the subsidiary volumes of literature tied to Agenda 22 – such as Jack Dogg’s Guide to Forces in the Universe

Volume I and other related educational works.  


The End Game to Reading the Series

Readers will be entertained by a memorable story like nothing  ever read before – complete with supernatural fantasy, worlds, landscapes, creatures, cultures, and existential themes -- while at the same time gaining knowledge in topics such as classical mechanics, quantum physics, philosophy and spirituality.


Agenda 22 can be read as a philosophy piece: tying a bridge between the laws of physics and spirituality, and displaying how in the complete kaleidoscope of physical reality, these two principalities do not have to be at such odds with each other --  or if you’re just craving for good mindless entertainment, there’s plenty of antediluvian history, conspiracy theory, supernatural monsters, fights, escapes, drama, romance, and other hidden gems in this motley anthology we proudly present as Agenda 22.

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