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Dixie and his friends were sweating.  This time around there was nowhere to go -- and they knew they had trusted luck for too long.   Swarms of monsters were encircling them from all sides.   Their 'Death-Charon' weapons were starting to overheat. Waves of Trotloct blobs encircled them -- and to the sides, the dreadful Drouknodoids screamed at them with loud voices as their sasquatch bodies leaped up and down from behind the surrounding trees.  The multicolored streaks on the back of their grey fur appeared to almost glimmer from their bloodlust and many of them pounded their triangular-shaped skulls on the ground in delight.


"They seem to sense vulnerability," Bill muttered to the others.  He still had his large halberd strapped to his back, and his beloved Nephilim flail by his right side in case the Death Charon failed.   He waited another fifteen seconds for his weapon to recharge.   "Well here's one bastard they're not going to take advantage of!  Strength in numbers," he scoffed.  "Come on closer you cowards!" Then with the speed of the wind, he cocked the gun and fired several shots at the incoming blobs, and two more towards some Drouknodoids hanging by the trees; growing in his own fury and disintegrating everything in the process.  

  Dixie looked around nervously as Polo and Ricardo followed suit.  Within a matter of seconds, they had disintegrated twelve incoming threats with their weapons.  Yet like some bad glitch in a video game, new waves of monsters kept spawning and coming at them from all sides -- except from behind. 

    "That's it!"  cried Dixie.  "Polo, Ricardo!  How fast can you run?"

    "As fast as a retreating Redcoat!" answered Polo.  "But what good is that going to do? Ricardo and I can't keep up with the rest of you!   Better not...f@#&g...leave us here!   Besides there's nowhere to hide!"  He pointed up at the sky and reminded Dixie of the other incoming threats.  The ones from above were moving like fast hurricanes, but the company knew they were running out of time. To add insult to injury, a regular shaped 'portal' could be seen appearing from out of nowhere up above.

  By this point, Tarnunen had run out of advice for everyone.  He seemed to simply be fighting defiantly for survival: cocking his gun and fighting to the last man.  

  Dixie blinked several times and realized this was it. "If no one lives to hear of this, at least God himself can't tell us we didn't try!" he thought.   He reached into his bag and pulled out Bill's two twin plasma Jian swords that he had lent to Dixie.    Upon focus their tips would glow with Balhrrama energy being induced on them.   "The world itself -- Universe --- God --- whatever --- has forsaken us," he thought to himself, "but nobody can tell me we weren't great just because we've been confined to human bodies!"    Sprinting head-on towards the Drouknodoids to his right, Dixie charged at them with the savage fury of a beast in true primal fashion.

  "Dogg!  Where the hell is he going!?" cried Bill.   Waiting for his 'Death-Charon' weapon to recharge once again Bill thought about his other weapons.   Throwing down his weapon in disgust he reached to his side and pulled out the infamous Hellzog flail.  It was a large staff with three spiked flails attached to one end.  He grinned remembering how it glowed viciously with Balhrrama fury when induced.

  "Keep together!" cried Tarnunen.  But it was too late.  Bill ran out of their protective circle towards Dixie's side, and together they started to literally slice apart dozens of Drouknodoid creatures that had been amassed towards the right.   Polo and Ricardo stayed by Tarnunen's side; continuing to shoot at wave after wave of Trotloct blobs coming at them.   Everything was closing in on them but from the direction of the attacking clouds above.  Yet everyone knew it was only a matter of minutes before those things in the sky descended upon them -- and who knew then what would happen?  The anomalies were massive: about a half-mile long in length, and there was nowhere to hide from them…

Excerpt from Book VIII:  The Books of Life 

Copyright 2019 Octavio Rhodes 

"Note the excerpts have been slightly edited and abridged for non spoiler content"

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